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Spring is creeping it’s way upon our wet souls, which means a new edition is underway. Have you been writing in these cold, lonely nights?

Current topics of interest, include (but not limited to):
-conversations between artists
-art & music
-culture wars
-the war of 1812
-favorite new condo ads
-havin’ to have a damn job

for (actual) helpful information:

TEASE: Premiere of ISSUE Magazine


as a diagonal glance makes what disuse and scurf want dearly

what disembodied and ablush makes a living removing eyes

for research

for labels and petrology

and proposals to wiretap, pummel and lace

to cherish like delegated, emitted

a body still together, still an “it” and “one” and

you me them her why or when

an exhalation

means precision

this gamble of asperse and blush

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