CURRENT _____________________________

Jamie Ward ___ editor in chief
is a multi-disciplinary artist originally from Texas but is now based in Vancouver. He is operations manager at Unit / Pitt and current organizer at Wrong Wave.

Felix Beauvillian ___ writer

Catherine De Montreuil ___ designer & editor

Shauna Jean Doherty ___ writer
is a critic and curator of works that engage conceptually and aesthetically with analogue and digital technologies.

 Steffanie Ling ___ writer & editor
is a writer, curator at CSA Space and co-editor of the Bartleby Review.

Ingrid Olausen ___writer

Ellis Sam ___ writer

Nigel Saunders ___ writer
is a critic and curator from Vancouver.

Abe Slaney ___ writer

Joseph Staples ___ writer
Joseph Staples is a Vancouver based artist. He works in collage and printmaking and is probably at Gene.

Graeme Wahn ___ writer

Tom Whalen ___ writer
is an artist and musician from Vancouver, BC. Through his work he explores technology, pseudo-spirituality and future death. He would like to be remembered as a rocker.

Zebulon Zang ___ writer
is a writer and filmmaker from Maillardville, British Columbia.




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