Issue Letterhead April SML

The first issue of the newly revived ISSUE Magazine was launched at Unit/Pitt Projects on April 17th, 2014. This marked the beginning of Volume 3 in the magazine’s history.

The first issue features writing by Keith Higgins, Dana Howell, Steffanie Ling, Alexa Mardon, Brynn McNab, Carla Stewart, and Erik Zepka. Design and Layout was  meticulously composed by Natalie Gitt and Rhys Kearns, and features drawing and collage work by Noe Bagshaw, Maggie Boyd, and Jenny Shipper. The cover was designed by Rhys Kearns.

The first issue got its feet wet with writing in, about, and around the city itself. We looked at secret artist-run spaces, walking tours, hidden shortcuts, curation in the alleys, and city planning. The mandate will continue in upcoming issues to focus on the workings of Vancouver from the perspective of young, working, and underpaid artists.





You can pick up a copy at Unit/Pitt Projects at 236 East Pender.
Order one online or subscribe to future issues HERE.