We are coming out with our second issue NEXT WEEK! Come out to Unit/Pitt Projects on Thursday July 31st to pick up a copy!

In this issue, not only do we have a look back at what happened with Vancouver’s art schools’ grad shows this year, we also have some fabulous writing on current shows (that you can still and should go see). A case to prove this point would be Madison Killo’s piece on Kelly Lycan’s “Autobiography for No One”. Read an excerpt of it below:


White (as a material + way of thinking) has frequently been used in Lycan’s work. She has spoken about it as a tool to ‘de-sentimentalize’ objects, reverting them to a status of ubiquity. By ‘de-sentimentalizing’ the objects, they transform into alternate value systems within the gallery space. Some become neutral still-lives, some become objects that provoke the viewer to consider how they see, and some form formal compositions stemming from unclear beginnings.

White makes the objects neutral and invisible, awaiting subjective projections. White also substitutes itself for a beginning – it is the starting place for many art practices, the first layer on a painting. While the title of the show – “Autobiography for No One” – alludes to an end, an actualized finiteness through its inherent narrative nature, white acts as the silencer, creating an open platform to impose possible narratives.