Hi everyone!


We will make an appearance at the Publication Studio Vancouver table at the LA Art book fair next weekend. If you’re in LA, come check us out! This does however conflict with the schedule for our next issue launch.

The tireless efforts of publication studio publishing amazing, small-run artists’ books has been maxed out in preparation for the book fair, and we are giving them a tiny bit of breathing room by delaying until they return.

SO , if you love us, stop by on VALENTINES DAY! I even made a Facebook event, HERE.


coverHere is a preview of the cover of the next issue, designed by Madison Killo.

Also included in the new issue:

The return of Carla Stewart!

Newcomer contributors Michael Cook, Ingrid Olauson and Nicole Dumas!

Report on NYC from Antoni Wojtyra!

Why do we even care about archives?? by Stephane Bernard!

What your relatives really think of you being an artist by Jenn Dickieson!

Another conversation about two shows with Katherine Neil and Alexandra Bischoff!

Obligatory conversation about whats going on at the VAG provided by Soraya Pathman!

A treatise on ketchup in Chinatown by Zebulon Zang and Steffanie Ling!

And of course a short but snarky commentary by the editor!